The Best Customer Incentives to Use

When planning your media for 2018, you need to know where exactly your target audience. This information can be used to not only add precision to your messaging but also eliminates wasteful spending on media that your audience doesn't utilize.

So how do you know exactly where they are?

You ask!

Using customer surveys is the best way to determine where your audience is in the media space. But, it make take a little arm twisting. Here are some top customer incentive ideas that you can offer to make handing over that information worth their while. Hope these incentive ideas help!

  • $5 Gift Card:
    • Grocery Store
    • Gas Card
    • iTunes
    • Google Play
    • Coffee Shop
    • Movie Card
  • A percentage or dollar amount off next purchase
  • A free item
  • An upgraded service package

I hope these incentive ideas will help you not only effectively reward your customers in exchange for feedback but give you super valuable info to get your marketing planning completed with the utmost efficiency!

Six quick and handy tips for using your free marketing planning template

When I developed the free planning template that you downloaded, I wanted to make it as easy as possible to fill out but also powerful enough to keep your entire operation for the year organized. Here are six quick tips for using your free media planning template to make your marketing activities a breeze!

  1. Share with your team and get feedback
    This will build employee trust and engage your team in the process

  2. Fill out as much information as possible
    There may be several unknowns but the more you fill out and plan the better!

  3. Make it a point to check regularly (weekly, monthly, etc.)
    Set alerts in your calendar to check the plan frequently or else it may get lost in the mix.

  4. Update as needed
    This is a living breathing document so edits are totally allowed! Depending on how your budget is shaking out, you can add media spends (or decrease - but we're hoping for the first option!).

  5. Include all known costs associated with advertising buys
    is critical to avoid overspending - include additional fees such as freelancer costs, photo shoots, video editing, etc.
  6. Build in a line item for miscellaneous
    This can serve as a padding if any unexpected expenses arise


The PR Wins and Losses of Peyton Manning

The PR Wins and Losses of Peyton Manning

Can the Future Hall-of-Famer recover from this fumble?

This past week has been quite the rollercoaster for future NFL Hall Of Famer, Peyton Manning. Accusations of alleged performance enhancing drug usage, specifically HGH (human growth hormone), came to light in a documentary “The Dark Side” produced by Al Jazeera, naming Manning and other professional athletes as part of a doping ring.

Five Creative Ways Brands Can Use Periscope to Build Consumer Loyalty

Five Creative Ways Brands Can Use Periscope to Build Consumer Loyalty

Yesterday, I sat in on a live morning newscast in Tucson, stood stageside at HuffPost Live’s couch chat with Olivia Wilde in LA and hung out with four strangers at happy hour in Austin.  All from Buffalo, NY.

Did I break the mystery of teleportation? Unfortunately, no. But I did use the next best thing - Periscope.

4 Critical PR Lessons We Can Learn from #ChevyGuy (and stuff)

4 Critical PR Lessons We Can Learn from #ChevyGuy (and stuff)

 I’m choosing to paint a silver lining and turn this into a bit of a learning lesson. Chevy probably has enough haters this week anyway. Without further adieu, here are four critical lessons that PR pros can learn from the social sensation that is #ChevyGuy.

5 Reasons Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Brilliant

5 Reasons Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Brilliant

Over the past two weeks, I’ve witnessed everyone from Peyton Manning and Gwen Stefani to many of my pals in Indiana dump buckets of ice water on their heads like completely crazy people. Why? All in the name of ALS, or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The brilliant philanthropic phenomenon that is the Ice Bucket Challenge has exploded all over the social space because of these five reasons: