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The Marketist Blog

The Best Customer Incentives to Use

When planning your media for 2018, you need to know where exactly your target audience. This information can be used to not only add precision to your messaging but also eliminates wasteful spending on media that your audience doesn't utilize.

So how do you know exactly where they are?

You ask!

Using customer surveys is the best way to determine where your audience is in the media space. But, it make take a little arm twisting. Here are some top customer incentive ideas that you can offer to make handing over that information worth their while. Hope these incentive ideas help!

  • $5 Gift Card:
    • Grocery Store
    • Gas Card
    • iTunes
    • Google Play
    • Coffee Shop
    • Movie Card
  • A percentage or dollar amount off next purchase
  • A free item
  • An upgraded service package

I hope these incentive ideas will help you not only effectively reward your customers in exchange for feedback but give you super valuable info to get your marketing planning completed with the utmost efficiency!

Megan Wagner