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Five Creative Ways Brands Can Use Periscope to Build Consumer Loyalty

Yesterday, I sat in on a live morning newscast in Tucson, stood stageside at HuffPost Live’s couch chat with Olivia Wilde in LA and hung out with four strangers at happy hour in Austin.  All from Buffalo, NY.

Did I break the mystery of teleportation? Unfortunately, no. But I did use the next best thing - Periscope.

Periscope, a new live streaming app that Twitter launched a few weeks ago, has taken live broadcasting by storm and boasts some heavy-hitting users such as Mashable, Southwest Airlines and Huffington Post. These brands have live streamed everything from a new airplane unveiling to a chat about weekly business trends. Here are five ways you can use that same creative edge to build transparency, loyalty and curiosity with your online audiences.


Give your audience a little sneak peek into an aspect of your business they typically don’t see or know about. Show them how a certain product is made, how a service works or just feature a tour of your digs!

New product/service tease

Generate buzz around an anticipated new product or service launch by exclusively live streaming a demonstration. You can also announce when the product or service will be available.

Making a big announcement

With traditional news staffs shrinking now more than ever, broadcast your own breaking news! From groundbreakings to new product/services and expansion announcements, loyal

Thought leadership

Share your company’s expertise by live streaming regular chats on various topics. Invite a guest or two from other partnering organization to add depth to the conversation.

Regardless of what you choose to share with your audiences, live streaming can strengthen brand loyalty and consumer trust by including them in some of your biggest (and smallest) happenings in your organization. Even if it is through the screen of a smartphone!

Have you tried out Periscope yet? What do you live stream?