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7 Stats That Prove Email Marketing Might Be Doomed in 2019


I’ll cut to the chase. Email marketing might be in trouble.

Why? Email recipients are stressed AF with the number of annoying emails per day, clogging up their inbox. Declining open rates mean declining click through rates, mean that brand messages aren’t being received. See this Facebook post from one of my friends:


Proof of performance for marketing professionals (like myself) is to simply get the best results for your clients, in terms of ROI and engagement. We also need to be constantly evolving and taking risks to cut through the s$!# and deliver an impactful message to invoke a response in some way shape or form.

Enter Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Messenger Marketing (or the use of chatbots) is a innovative platform for marketers in a sense that we’re able to cut through the clutter to deliver our message in a simple and human manner. The ability to have a natural and meaningful conversation with a prospective or existing customer is at a premium and Facebook Messenger fits the bill every time.

Here are 7 stats that prove that Messenger Marketing needs to be in your marketing tool box ASAP:

💥 56% of consumers prefer to contact customer service representatives over messages than calling a call center.

And it makes sense: Issues are often resolved within 42 seconds. (Source: Facebook Business)

Messenger Generates 1.6x more revenue

Recart tested the use of email marketing vs. Messenger Marketing for an abandoned shopping cart campaign. The results? The Messenger campaign recovered 1.6x more revenue than the email marketing campaign.  (Source: ManyChat)

💥 Chatbots and Amazon Alexa Are Equally Popular

As of 2018, 15 percent of American adults (per this survey) say they have used a chatbot to interact with a company in the prior 12 months. This is almost precisely the same percentage of Americans who own a smart speaker (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, et al.) as of January 2018 (Source: TechCrunch)

💥 Messenger marketing can yield over 80 percent open rates

This single stats proves that messenger marketing is way more effective than email. This makes developing a marketing strategy around Messenger critical to your business. (Source: INC)

💥 As of the third quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users.

(Source: Statica)

💥 Facebook Messenger is the top mobile app by number of downloads

And the main Facebook app is second on the list. The dominance of mobile means marketers need to plan for mobile-first content. (Source:

💥 There are already 100,000 chatbots available on Messenger today

As technologies continue to develop, there will be even more opportunities for small businesses to take advantage of Facebook Messenger marketing. (Source: Forbes)

I’m by no means saying that email marketing is dead. It’s simply not. But the proof is in the numbers and going into 2019, I’ll bet on Messenger Marketing every timev


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