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The Marketist Blog

Six quick and handy tips for using your free marketing planning template

When I developed the free planning template that you downloaded, I wanted to make it as easy as possible to fill out but also powerful enough to keep your entire operation for the year organized. Here are six quick tips for using your free media planning template to make your marketing activities a breeze!

  1. Share with your team and get feedback
    This will build employee trust and engage your team in the process

  2. Fill out as much information as possible
    There may be several unknowns but the more you fill out and plan the better!

  3. Make it a point to check regularly (weekly, monthly, etc.)
    Set alerts in your calendar to check the plan frequently or else it may get lost in the mix.

  4. Update as needed
    This is a living breathing document so edits are totally allowed! Depending on how your budget is shaking out, you can add media spends (or decrease - but we're hoping for the first option!).

  5. Include all known costs associated with advertising buys
    is critical to avoid overspending - include additional fees such as freelancer costs, photo shoots, video editing, etc.
  6. Build in a line item for miscellaneous
    This can serve as a padding if any unexpected expenses arise


Megan Wagner