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The Best of the 2017 Super Bowl Ads

Ah the Super Bowl. The biggest night in...advertising! Each year, we speculate over which brand will make us laugh, cry and cringe. This year, we're breaking down the best ads is a variety of categories (kind of like the Oscars!).

The 2017 ads were somewhat low on laughs and high on unity and social themes. Brands were listening AND, more importantly, interacting on social with viewers. We even got replies from T-Mobile and Coca-Cola!  Advertisers were also interacting with each other. T-Mobile and Mr. Clean had some nice banter and on the flip-side, T-Mobile and Verizon has some, well, not so nice (and borderline awkward) back and forth.

Without further adieu, here are our top picks for the 2017 Super Bowl ads!


Best Use of Celebrities

T-Mobile - Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart #BagofUnlimited

They say opposites attract and this unusual pair is no exception! Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg teamed up for some very tongue-in-cheek banter about their favorite pastimes. The copywriting for this ad was tremendous, which is why they're our pick for "Best Use of Celebrities."

Honorable Mention: Justin Timberlake / Christopher Watkins "Bai, Bai, Bai" for Bai Tea


Best Incorporation of Social Issues (tie)

Audi's #DriveProgress and 84 Lumber's "The Journey"

This category was a toss up. Audi focused on the gender pay gap and 84 Lumber highlighted the struggles of immigrants. Both were incredibly powerful and touched on topics that are highly relevant in today's political climate.

Honorable Mention: Melissa McCarthy "Hero's Journey" for Kia


Best Theme of Unity

NFL Inside These Lines

The NFL has had it's share of PR nightmares so it was nice to see them incorporate a great cause in their ad. The spot not only promoted unity but also sportmenship and was executed wonderfully.

Honorable Mention: Airbnb's "We Accept"


Best Surprise factor

Tide with Terry Bradshaw

The Twitter-verse erupted after Terry Bradshaw went live from the Super Bowl with a huge stain on his shirt. But little did they know that he was part of a bigger surprise. #TerryStain began trending on Twitter and then soon afterwards, a pre-recorded commercial showing Bradshaw frantically trying to get his shirt washed (with cameos from Rob Gronkowski and Jeffery Tambor).

Twitter got duped. And it was amazing. Well done, Tide!


Best Use of Nostalgia

Bud Light's "Ghost Spuds" with Spuds Mackenzie

Children of the 80s rejoiced when Spuds Mackenzie rose from the dead and made an posthumous appearance in Bud Light's new spot. Bud Light has a long standing of history of delivering the Super Bowl ad goods but they've been lackluster in recent years. Nice to see they're back on the right track!


Tearjerker Award

Hyundai's "Better Drives Us"

If this one didn't put tears in your eyes, then you have no soul. Hyundai combined the uniqueness of a nearly-live, documentary-style ad with a heavy (and well-deserved) dose of patriotism, honoring servicemen and women stationed oversees.  Seeing these brave soldiers connect with their families back home through amazing technology to watch the game tugged at your heartstrings and made for one very memorable spot.

So there you have it! What were your favorites? Did you agree or disagree with our picks? Let us know in the comments!